1. No headin', no bitin'...

2. GOLF. If that's not clear, then perhaps this image may help...

3. All members of The Denis Brosnan (henceforth TDB) must have an official GUI handicap of less than or equal to 25 , be a current or former PGA professional or be a past champion.

4. New members must be proposed and seconded by separate members of TDB committee.

5. TDB is not a democracy. All decisions, on all matters, will be made by TDB Committee and are final.

6. TDB annual event will take place during summer months, commencing on Thursday/Friday.

7. The Committee members will strive to arrange to play a golf course considered in the top 30 in the country every year.

8. There will be no TDB rules for the sake of it.

9. Denis Brosnan must be invited to play every year for a fee of 2.75EUR.

10. Non members cannot apply for membership. New members can join by invitation only.

11. The use of clubs commonly known as "jiggers" is absolutely forbidden in any and all circumstances while playing tbd.

12. It is expected that winners shall arrange to have their names inscribed on the trophy before handing it back the following year.